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As a small efficiently run zipline design company based in Canada, we can keep our overheads to a minimum.  This translate in huge savings for you and a faster R.O.I. for your business.

We have worked and gained experience in countries were money is always tight.  We had to find ways to raise value while maintaining low cost.  

Each zipline design and adventure park layout must be one of a kind. No zipline design is exactly the same as it must adapt to its environment, specific realities and client's expectations.

We deliver custom zipline design solutions, tailored to you – the zipline industry, your local realities, your one-of-a-kind challenges.

What if you want a rope swing or a climbing structure? Would you want to hire a zipline design company and another for the add-ons? Or would you rather close a deal with a zipline company that does it all at a reasonable price?

We can add a Powerfan, a modular ropes course, a human sling shot and many more add-on activities.  The limit is your imagination.

Hi, my name is Stephan. I am the founder and President of Zip-Rush®, the most dynamic zipline design company out there. Right from day one, I will guide you personally every step of the way towards the success of your zipline project.

Why Hire Us




How many zipline construction companies can say having invented the magnetic trolley, built the longest zipline in the world or led the way to safer ziplines? Only a handfull of zipline construction companies can build a zipline with such elevated standards but none other than us can do it with this awesome technology.


Unique zipline designs combining safety, high throughput, ease of maintenance and esthetics are tailored to your specific needs, budget and preferences. Over 15 years of clean safety record for hundreds of nstallations around the globe speak for itself. When you buy with Zip-Rush, you buy peace of mind.
Love   Benefit
Love for nature drives our absolute commitment to use environmentally friendly techniques and procedures. If a branch can be saved from being cut, we'll save it! We have been in the business for over 15 years and have designed ziplines on 5 continents.  You can trust you are in good hands.
Honest   Ethic
You want a cost estimate at an early stage in our business relation because you do not want to throw money at a project you can't afford or is simply not feasible. Our integrity, transparency, honesty and ethic keeps you in absolute trust at all stages. We care about our clients; respect is earn on the long run...

Stephan Bernier

Stephan Bernier
Project Director / Designer


Samuel Humphrey

Samuel Humphrey
Project Manager
Rigging / Training

Mcguire Scroggins

McGuire Scroggins
​Rope Techniques Expert
Rigging / Woodworking


Jesus Rodriguez

Jesus Rodriguez
Architect - CAD Design
Building Supervision

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