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Safety is not just an abstract concept for us.  It is of paramount importance during every step of design and within all aspects of operation.  All our zipline systems are designed to meet and exceed US and Canadian safety and engineering standards to ensure that our clients are provided with the safest installation possible. From the very first line we installed and over the years, we have been implementing PRCA, ACCT and Canadian CSA Ropeways Standards. We have since then forged our very own standards by testing materials, developed partnerships with more efficient suppliers and inventing new extraordinary technologies.  When you buy with Ascensacion, you buy peace of mind.

All recreational extreme activities should have as the number one concern the security of its participants. For this purpose, the safety standards for cable activities include policy guidelines to follow for design and installation for the three most important elements of a zip line: the anchors, cable and rigging hardware.

The standards set for professional installers are meant to define with clarity and precision the execution of the tasks of installation. By establishing specific rules, we ensure optimal operating capacity and safer facilities.



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