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Designing and building ziplines systems is an art mastered through years of experience in the field. Because every single zipline design is unique, all our zipline have their tweaks and turns tailored to the specific needs of the topography, the client needs and his budget.

One thing all of our designs have in common and that make them so unique is the possibility to access the technology that makes the difference any time it is needed, same zipline technology that made us famous around the globe. What if you need a faster brake, a slower trolley or a special harness? In other words, the aces in the sleeve are necessary to make it work to perfection; and this is what we aim for.

A Feild of Experience

Only a handful of zipline builders in the world dispose of technologies to equal Zip-Rush's High End Commercial Zipline safety, reliability and profitability. However, what distinguishes us from these other zipline builders, apart from our exclusive and patented technology, is the personal attention we give to all of our clients and people contacting us. In other words, you are dealing with the owner/designer/inventor at every stage of the design, installation and training process, which guarantees you have by your side at all time one of the most renowned zipline designer in the industry.

In addition, our privileged experience with International zipline design and installations has thought us to be organized and, especially, flexible; we have seen too many times zipline systems copy-pasted on different sites that does not work nearly as good as the same design on the original site. Similarly, this ability to adapt to local realities in third world countries is extremely important and is one the greatest asset when it comes to working in developed countries as well.

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A good way to increase your revenues and speed up your return of investment is to include a Free Fall Experience to your tour. A Powerfan or a Quick jump will do just that.
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