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Compression Brake

Originally, we developed this zipline brake as an alternative to the rubber stopper that was often used at the end of a triangulation bungee brake; we needed a back-up brake that could save a rider for injuries if the main brake was to fail

However, this zipline brake proved that it could work very well by itself and in conjunction with the anti-return system, another Zip-Rush innovation; it’s the perfect alternative for most of the high speed zipline landings.

Nowdays, we use this brake mainly as a back-up (again) for most of our zipline systems. This allow a fully redundant braking system that is reassuring to us and mostly to the client.

Compression Brake


"The project ran in quite a few speed bumps but Stephan was able to build on time and exactly as planned.  We are looking forward to our next project with Zip-Rush."

Vladimir Servetnik
Project Manager
Balaclava, Ukraine

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