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This design is the simplest of all zip line designs and results from our experience and desire to improve both safety and ease of maintenance. It consists of a specially designed zipline post with adjustable cable height, a horizontal tension deviation pulley and a backed-up Crosby turnbuckle for easy fine-tuning of the catenary. 

This zip line design has the advantage of being easily re-tensioned by the user after the harmless and inevitable phase one stretching of the cable that occurs during the first weeks of use.

The Crosby turnbuckle has a safe working load of 10,000 pounds, which is enough for most zip line design, but we still back it up with a secondary cable attached on a second certified anchor. 

With these safety measures, you can rest assured that we have exceeded the safety norms of any zip line design offered by any other zip line company in the world. For this reason and many more, when you buy with Zip-Rush, you buy quality and peace of mind.

Ease-Zip Pictures

The key advantages of the Safe Link SSB are:
Active participation, feeling in control of your experience, faster guests won't bunch up behind a slower guest, only one carabiner can be disconnected at a time, ca not accidently clip into the wrong cable, variable length adjustment.

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