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Since the founding of Ascensacion, we have set the standard in the Mexican zip line industry by our innovative use of some of the best technologies available anywhere on the planet.  Now that our services are in demand by clients around the globe, we find that our competitors are inspired by our designs.  We are pleased by this development because part of our corporate mission has always been to improve the safety of extreme zip line courses throughout the Mexican market and around the world.  If our competitors feel compelled to improve the safety of their facilities in order to compete with us, then we have truly made a positive contribution to the industry.
What follows is a brief description of the basic types of zip line designs that we provide.  For each of the following designs, it is important to define the terrain profile of the intended zip line site.  This profile allows us to establish the tension, landing speed rate and consequently the brake design necessary for a safe landing.

Tree to Tree Ziplines: The Canopy Tour

Canopy tours in a forest or jungle are considered to be the easiest and most economical design for a zip line course since the builder is not required to create complex foundations and anchor systems.  There is no need to bring cement onto the site, and there is no need to rent heavy machinery such as tractors or back-hoes.
However, this type of zip line design has its own challenges:  it can be tricky to find sufficient trees that are located at appropriate distances from one another, and of sufficient strength, to be integrated into a canopy tour.  An extensive study needs to be performed on-site before the installation to define the possible routes.  During this study, the individual trees are studied, as well as the length and inclination of the cables in order to calculate the level of tension that the trees will need to support.  Only then will we be able to say if a certain site is appropriate for the construction of a canopy tour.
Zip lines have rightfully acquired the reputation as being an environmentally friendly “green” activity.  We are proud to contribute to an industry that is respectful to the environment.  For that reason, during the installation, we use various methods to guarantee that the zip line will cause a minimal impact to the flora and fauna of the site. 


This design is the cornerstone of all our zip line designs and results of our experience and desire to improve both safety and ease of maintenance.  It consists of a specially designed post with adjustable cable height, a horizontal tension deviation pulley and a backup Crosby turnbuckle for easy fine-tuning of the cable’s tension.  This zip line design has the advantage of being easily re-tensioned by the user after the harmless and inevitable stretching of the cable that occurs during the first weeks of use.
 The Crosby turnbuckle has a safe working load of 10,000 pounds, which is enough for most zip line, but we still back it up with a secondary cable attached on a second certified anchor.  With these safety measures, you can rest assured that we have exceeded the safety norms of any design offered by any other zip line company in the world.  For this reason and many others, when you buy with Ascensacion, you buy quality and peace of mind.