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Zip-Curve - Roller Coaster Zipline

The Zip Rush® System was designed by Zip-Rush® for steep slopes, speeds up to 160 km/h, lengths over 1 km and high throughput for maximized profitability.  

Glide through a forest, over an amusement park or around an indoor facility on the most innovative Zipline Coaster to date. 

Custom designed and engineered to suit your specific needs and give riders a lifetime experience, the Zip-Curve is affordable enough to get a quick return on investment and is Eco-Friendly since it's installation follows strict standards to protect the trees and leave minimal footprint.

Inventor of the Zip-Curve concept in 2008, Zip-Rush now re-takes the concept to offer a it to the worldwide market at a price unequaled to this day. Prices start at $450 USD per linear meter with option of magnetic brake on steeper slopes, chair harnesses and more... 

High Throughput and Low Maintenance

- Up to 60 riders per hour on a single track 
- Minimal labor required to run and maintain ride
- Low maintenance trolley and aluminum track design 
- 8 wheels pulley designed to handle heavy traffic
- Eco-friendly; requires no power for ride to function

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